Embed Player API

Castr Embed Player: URL Parameter Control API

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Parameter List
  3. Examples


Welcome to the URL Parameter Control API documentation for the Castr Embed Player. This guide explains how you can control various aspects of the player by simply passing URL parameters.

To utilize these controls, append the parameters as query strings to the video URL, like so:


Parameter List

The following parameters can be used to manipulate the player's behavior:

autoplay: on | off

Controls whether the player should automatically start playing upon load.

muted: on | off

Enables or disables muted playback.

controls: on | off

Determines the visibility of player controls.

loop: on | off

Enables looping for video-on-demand content.

pp: true | false

The player will start only when focused if this flag is set to true.

click: on | off

Disables click-to-pause functionality and keyboard controls when set to 'off'.

h265: true | false

Enables H265 playback capability in the player.


Here are a few examples to demonstrate how to use the URL parameters:

Autoplay enabled and muted

Loop video-on-demand content