Encoder Configurations

How to configure your software/hardware encoder to stream smoothly with LiveAPI

General Settings

To ensure a stable stream, follow our general recommended settings before sending the stream from your encoder to LiveAPI:

  • Key Frame Size: 2 seconds, do not exceed 4 seconds.

  • Video Resolution and Bitrate:

    For 1080p @ 60fps
    - Resolution: 1920x1080
    - Video Bitrate Range: 4,500-9,000 Kbps

    For 1080p @ 30fps
    - Resolution: 1920x1080
    - Video Bitrate Range: 3,000-6,000 Kbps

    For 720p @ 60fps
    - Resolution: 1280x720
    - Video Bitrate Range: 2,250-6,000 Kbps

    For 720p @ 30fps
    - Resolution: 1280x720
    - Video Bitrate Range: 1,500-4,000 Kbps

  • Video Codec: H.264

  • Audio Format: AAC or MP3

  • Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps (preferred), do not exceed 256 Kbps

  • Bitrate Encoding: CBR

Your stream output should be smooth following our recommendation. Make sure to test your stream to see what works best before actual live events.

3rd Party Platform Streaming Setting

If you are sending the stream to other 3rd party platforms such as Facebook and Youtube (using our Multistream feature), then you may want to check out their encoder guide.

Each platform has its own recommended setting, and failing to comply can result in a glitchy stream or, in the worst case, the stream doesn't reach the platform at all.

Here's the livestream settings guide for few popular platforms for your reference:

Popular encoders

Amongst the many encoders that work with LiveAPI, here's a list of the popular ones that you can consider:

Software encoder

Hardware encoder